About Us

getrbi is an referral job platform for world wide job seekers to connect them with millions of working professionals. Our platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows candidates to Master the interview and land a job. We have over 100+ different job positions in the field of Accounting, Engineering, Health Care, Education, Banking and Finance, Arts, IT, HR, Law, Science and much more, where you can interviewed and level up your skills. You can take multiple interviews and ace your skills from anywhere. The interview session are recorded, so that you can watch them later and rectify your mistakes.

Getrbi functions as a comprehensive 3-in-1 solution provider on a cloud-based platform. At Getrbi, our emphasis is on ensuring that candidate selection is rooted in their skills, abilities, and talents, rather than relying on traditional CV filtration. We specialize in delivering services that cater to the needs of candidates, employees, and HR professionals through our platform.

Why Choose Us?

1. At Getrbi, HR possesses the capability to filter candidates based on their skills, ratings, and feedback provided by various professionals within the company, rather than relying solely on CVs.

2. At Getrbi, Experience or Fresher candidates can make quick career growth.

3. At Getrbi, Working professionals make use of their knowledge inorder to incash their skills and play a vital role in incorprating and enhancing its team/company growth.